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How to Keep Post Frame Buildings ‘Pest-Free’

Post frame buildings have several benefits which make them the perfect choice for virtually any permanent structure like durability, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, quick assembly and versatility. They also serve multiple purposes. They are storage and machine sheds, horse-barns as well as pre-engineered for a plethora of uses.
Woodwork can last for several centuries, but if pests find their way into the wood, they can trigger all kinds of mayhem. They can cause severe damage to the structure of any wood frame building.

Take a look as some of the most primary wood-boring pests along with tips to prevent their infestation.

1. Subterranean Termites – These termites need moisture to survive as they quickly become dehydrated and die. In addition to humidity, Subterranean termites need cellulose to survive which is why they feed on wood. It can be a while before you notice an infestation because these termites work inside of the wood and travel underground. If left untreated a termite infestation can cause severe structural damage which will cost a small fortune to repair.
Prevention tips – Here are some of the top tips to help prevent termite infestation:
• Keep basements, attics and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.
• Direct water away from your building through adequately functioning channels or splash blocks.
• Repair leaking faucets, valves or A/C units on the outside of the building.

2. Powder Post Beetles – Though termites take the first place in wood-boring abilities, Powder Post Beetles hold a close second position. The beetle bulks up by feeding on your boards. Most prominent locations where they are found are hardwood floors, post frames, trims, joints, sills, and sub-flooring. They can also branch into furniture, handles or ladders and can cause damages to the extent which ultimately compromises the structural strength of the construction.
Prevention tips – Here are some tips to prevent Powder Post Beetles:
• Inspect wood products before bringing them home.
• Fumigate it if it has been infested with beetles.
• Sprinkle borate salt on the wood which is one of the standard treatments for Powder Post Beetles.
• Essential oils such as eucalyptus, basil, and tarragon oils are known to kill powder post beetles within three days.

3. Carpenter Ants – The damage caused by carpenter ants is like a termite infestation. The only difference is they do not eat the wood, instead, they hollow it out to nest inside it. They infest building materials such as wood or foam insulation and occupy cavities in hollow doors or post frames. The construction will be less prone to carpenter ants if you refrain it from any source of moisture.
Prevention tips: You can prevent carpenter ant infestation by applying some of these simple procedures to your structure:
• Seal any cracks you find to purge entrance paths.
• Plug around electrical and water lines where carpenter ants could enter the building.
• Trim branches near the construction so they are not touching it. This keeps the ants from using the branches as pathway.
• Installing a gravel strip or a stone strip around the building also keeps ants at bay.

4. Rodents – Woodrats are perilous. They carry several diseases which affect people. Woodrats are very destructive and will chew through insulation, wire, pipes and even drywall. They build their burrows outside, but if given a chance they move inside buildings and scavenge for food. They make nests in attics and behind wall cavities.
Prevention tips-Here is how you can prevent any rodent from causing harm to your construction.
• Cover vents and fix any damage or holes along the roofline.
• Get rid of potential food sources inside and out, such as trash cans with ill-fitting lids, pet food outside and bird feeders.
• Trim overgrown vegetation.
• Accumulation of water around the building must be addressed since rodents tend to establish a nest near a water source.

There is only one foolproof way to be sure no pests are living in your property, by contacting a professional pest control. Modern integrated methods are used to inspect, monitor, trap, treat and pest-proof buildings to prevent pest infestations by professionals.

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