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Pole barns and pole barn kits for sale in Collinsville, IL

Due to their durability, easy construction, and customizability, pole barns are popular choices in Collinsville. Pole barns can be used for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes, and they allow for a variety of needs to be satisfied, including housing, workspace, and vehicle storage. If you’re considering constructing a pole barn of your own, build it with Hansen Pole Buildings. We’re proud to have been one of the top distributors of customizable pole barns in Collinsville and the greater United States since 2002.

Pole barn and pole building kits are popular in Collinsville, IL, and other Midwestern states: Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Hansen Pole Buildings offers competitive pricing on pole building kits in Collinsville as well as a variety of design and customization options for builders to consider. We’re also able to price match pole building kits if another provider in Collinsville gives you a different quote for the same kit.

Pole Barns are also in high demand in these other Illinois cities:

Collinsville Pole Barn Building Types

Pole barns can be used for a variety of purposes, including residential, agricultural, and commercial uses. Due to their flexible design and ease of personalization, pole barn kits are great options for Collinsville, IL, locals to consider.

Pole Barn Homes:

The use of pole building kits for alternative homes in Collinsville is becoming increasingly popular. Kits can be customized to meet specific needs and use cases, so whether you’re constructing a brand new home or adding a structure to your property as a guest house or short-term rental unit, we can help make that vision a reality.

RV Storage Buildings:

Pole barns are an excellent way to store large vehicles like RVs between road trips. If you’re someone who likes to travel in an RV, a pole barn is definitely worth your consideration.

Workshop Buildings:

Illinois boasts a growing manufacturing industry, with machinery, food processing, electrical equipment, chemical manufacturing, and fabricated metal product production all having a strong presence in the state. Pole barn workshops offer the space Collinsville workers need to develop and grow these specialized products or offer larger organizations the chance to erect support structures separate from their main facilities.

Garage Buildings:

Pole barns can also be used as general garages as well as RV and aircraft storage buildings. From residents who want to store their favorite vehicles to small business owners in need of an automotive workspace, Collinsville gearheads use pole barns as a safe space to put their vehicles and equipment.

Hansen Pole Buildings Guesthouse

Pole Barn Homes

RV Storage Buildings

RV Storage Building

Man cave - interior view

Workshop Buildings

Pole Barn Garage

Garage Buildings

Build the Pole Barn You’ve Always Wanted

Ready to design the pole barn of your dreams? Hansen Pole Buildings is here to help! Whether you’re building a residential, agricultural, or commercial pole building in Collinsville, it’s our goal to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Residential Pole Barns

Agricultural Pole Barns

Commercial Pole Barns

Find the Best Local Pole Barn Builder in Collinsville

We’ll help you design your pole barn, but who’s actually going to build it? You have a few options.

Build It Yourself

You don’t need prior construction experience to put a pole barn kit together. Just follow our detailed instructions and you’ll have a finished building before you know it.

Collinsville Construction Companies

If you’d rather not build your pole building kit yourself, Chicago is full of construction companies that may be able to take on your project.

Collinsville Pole Barn Contractors

If going through a construction company sounds like too much, an independent contractor in Collinsville can manage your pole building project instead. Let us know if you’d like recommendations for contractors in the area.

Pole Building and Pole Barn Pricing

We’ve covered the variety of uses for pole barns in Collinsville and beyond, and now it’s time to find the option that’s right for you and your needs. Homeowners, hobbyists, farmers, and workers of all types stand to benefit from the use of pole buildings. With a variety of sizes, applications, and even styles, our selection of pole barn kits for sale in Collinsville is unmatched.

Small Pole Barn Prices

Click the links below to see pricing for our small pole barn options in Collinsville. Uses for this size of pole barn include storage sheds and smaller garages and carports. If you need to fit multiple vehicles or store equipment with larger dimensions, consider looking at our medium options.

Medium Pole Barn Prices

Medium pole buildings serve similar purposes as our small options, but they have just a little more space. If you need more storage, want to fit multiple vehicles, or have large equipment to put away overnight, these pole barns may be the options for you.

Large Pole Barn Prices

Large pole buildings make excellent homes, warehouses, or storage space for a lot of vehicles—or a few really big ones, like aircraft. Contact us today to start planning your large pole barn build in Collinsville.

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Pole Barn Kits Also Available in These Regions

We sell pole barn kits well beyond Collinsville, IL. You can also order our pole buildings in these regions of the United States.

If you’re a business owner or resident looking for a new structure to meet your needs in the Northeast U.S., we’re here to help. Visit our website or contact our team today to explore the pole building size and design that are right for you.

Business is booming in the Southeast, and that means workspace and storage can sometimes come at a premium. Design and build your own pole barn instead so you can get the space you need without breaking the bank.

Never fear, Southwest citizens. Hansen Pole Buildings is here to take care of you as well. Whether you’re a DIYer in need of workspace, a homeowner looking to expand, or a business owner seeking more space, pole buildings offer a versatile solution that can be customized to fit your needs.

Everything we’ve said above also applies to the Western U.S.! We pride ourselves on offering the best service and most extensive build options to all our customers, and the same goes for you.

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Whether you need a pole barn kit delivered to Collinsville or Chicago you can trust Hansen Pole for the most durable pole barns in Illinois listed at the best price. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have – simply give us a ring at 866-200-9657 to speak with a pole barn expert today.

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