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Insulation Options, Building Plans, and a Swing Table

Posted by polebarnguru on 20/11/02 @ 8:00
Insulation Options, Building Plans, and a Swing Table

This week Mike the Pole Barn Guru discusses about insulation options, building plans for a back yard pavilion, and steel gauge for a “swing table.” DEAR POLE BARN GURU: We are well on our way toward breaking ground. Our biggest concerns that we seem to keep going back to are these. We want a tight, […]

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Post Frame Ramadas

Posted by polebarnguru on 18/01/17 @ 8:00
Post Frame Ramadas

For the uninitiated, here is the definition of ramada from the source of all human knowledge, Wikipedia: “In the southwestern United States, a ramada is a temporary or permanent shelter equipped with a roof but no walls, or only partially enclosed. Ramadas have traditionally been constructed with branches or bushes by aboriginal Americans living in the region […]

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