Powerlifting in Pole Barns

Power Lifting Pole Barns

They might seem like typical teenagers, but Joshua and Kaitlynn Naert are worlds apart from most pair of siblings in Michigan.

The brother-sister combo come from a good, blue-collar home, living with their mother and father, Tracy and Jeff, and their dogs.

It’s not until Joshua, Kaitlynn and their father step into the family pole barn one realizes this isn’t an ordinary blue-collar, American nuclear family.

Jeff Naert is a longtime powerlifter who has seen success on the national level, competing for almost 15 years. He designed a program so wrestlers can lose weight and still gain strength.

It was then he started noticing his getting interested in what their father and these wrestlers were doing in the pole barn.

As their interest grew, so did the pole barn’s equipment, and so did their success in the sport of powerlifting.

The siblings have since been rewriting the record books on the state, national and, just recently, the world level.

Not having personal knowledge of the sport of powerlifting, or what kind of space would be ideal, I was momentarily at a loss. Luckily, I have a powerlifting expert only a text away – my son Brent (you can read more related articles about Brent here: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2014/06/builder/ https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2014/06/crowns/ and https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2014/06/grade-stamps/ ).

In his words:

“I first got into lifting weights to be able to feel better about myself and to become more sociable with other people. This led me to want to become someone who was well respected in the health and fitness industry. As someone who currently is studying Kinesiology in my undergrad as well as wanting to do further research in graduate school, I love how the human body adapts and grows with resistance training. I ultimately desire to obtain a PhD in Exercise Physiology and be a professor at a university.

 Being tasked with building the ideal powerlifting gym (in regards to specifically training for strength) I would propose it comes down to the essentials of a squat rack, bench press, and deadlift platform. Let us ponder for a moment why this is the case, and think about what a powerlifter is concerned about first and foremost… strength. To be able to move the most amount of weight possible. With this, we must consider the principle of specificity, i.e. you should train specifically to what you want to achieve. These three pieces of equipment will allow you to train the three movements powerlifters deem as the gold standard (squat, bench, and deadlift). These movements recruit the greatest amount of muscle fibers and are staples to the powerlifting diet. Although, there are accessory pieces of equipment which could possibly enhance the powerlifter’s performance, such as dumbbells, glute/ham raises, resistance bands, etc. Furthermore, the best type of building for this would more than likely be some type of post frame warehouse design – but smaller pole building fitness studio can work as well.”

Looking for help laying out your ideal power lifting pole barn space, for a nominal donation, Brent can be reached at BrentMomb@live.com.

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