Dear Pole Barn Guru: Does steel come precut?

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I am looking for a price on double sliding doors that have an opening of 15’ wide x 12’ tall.  I have attached some pictures for clarification.  I also need to know if these doors can be mechanically opened as well as manually opened.  Can someone give me a call to discuss? Thanks, AUSTIN IN ST. PAUL, NE

DEAR AUSTIN: Thank you very much for your inquiry. Due to high shipping costs, Hansen Pole Buildings has elected to not provide components for sliding doors, other than with the order of a complete post frame (pole) building kit package. You might want to consider inquiring at the Pro Desk of your local The Home Depot™, as they often can arrange for materials to be shipped in with little or no freight costs.

It is possible to have openers on these doors, however the opener investment is not for the faint of heart.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Does the skirt board (treated) of the pole building go on the inside of the building or on the outside of the building? KEVIN IN ROSEDALE

DEAR KEVIN: The 2×8 pressure preservative treated skirt board attaches to the outside face of the columns. This allows for it to become both the forms for any future concrete slab on grade (, as well as being the lowest framing member on the wall which the siding will attach to.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU:  Does the steel roofing and siding come precut? Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer SANDRA

DEAR SANDRA: Steel roofing and siding is precut to a square length, however the angles will need to be cut on the gabled ends and there may be some cutting involved around doors and/or windows. We do plan the steel layout to minimize cutting and every cut edge is covered by a piece of steel trim, so no cut edges are exposed to the weather.

The average previously unskilled building owner who can and will read instructions should have no difficulties in completing this task, and frankly will probably end up with a far nicer completed product than if he would have hired a builder.

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