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DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Was wondering if you would consider putting up posts and roof trusses? If so what would the estimated cost be for 24×36 and 27×36? Thank You JOHN IN CHAMPION

DEAR JOHN: In requesting pricing on two different sizes, it tells me you may not have given adequate consideration to the current and future uses of this building and are instead perhaps attempting to make a price point your dictate. In my humble opinion, this will eventually leave you as being a dissatisfied new building owner.

I would encourage you to speak with a highly qualified Building Designer, who can work with you throughout the design process, so your new building ends up best meeting both your needs and budget.

Now, back to your question – we can provide just the columns and trusses for your building, however a whole building solution is going to be the best route to go, as well as most economical.

Many do-it-yourselfers are intimidated by the thought of having to stand columns and install trusses. Our step-by-step Construction Manual takes the apprehension out of these and every other component installation and assembly.

Oh, considering actually hiring someone to install just poles and trusses, expect to pay as much as 50% of what it would cost to have the entire building erected.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Wondering if Hansen Buildings has any wisdom to share regarding columns that have twisted up on top.  I’m moving along with my project, but before getting truss carriers and trusses up on the columns, I have 3 or 4 that have twisted considerably.  I’ve notched these, same as the others, but it will be impossible to get the carriers and trusses to set flush in the notches.  The gaps are going to be up to three-quarters of an inch, maybe more, if I don’t modify the notch somewhat.  Any thoughts you can pass on to me will be appreciated.


DEAR JERRY: Lumber is organic and twists and turns happen as a result of it. The problems are especially severe early in the year, when pressure preservative treated wood is shipped out fairly close (if not at) the saturation point with moisture content. When columns are set in ground and significant amounts of time pass, (significant can be just a matter of days in hot, dry weather) those posts try to become trees again and they start to move.

Fear not, there is a solution and you can read about it here:

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Wondering if your company also installs the buildings or if you just sell the kits? Please advise. LORI IN CRAIG

DEAR LORI: Hansen Pole Buildings provides only complete kit packages, designed to be successfully constructed by the average building owner. Over half of our clients do their own pole barn installation, rather than hiring a building to construct all or some of their new pole barn.

We will assist you to find a building contractor or contractors who will assemble your new Hansen Pole Building package for 60% of the price of the materials or less.

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