Agreements Have Exclusions

And the one between Hansen Pole Buildings, LLC and our clients is no exception. Here is an excerpt from ours:

“…. provision for flooding, firewalls, sprinklers or other fire separations …..”

Our client Matt from Chapel Hill wrote:

Our local building department is a little uncertain on what type of fire separation should be required between the living space and the barn area.  Who can I talk to at Hansen to talk about different scenarios.  My intention of the barn space is mostly as storage and likely some stables.  I’m hoping a 1hr separation doesn’t restrict us too much.  Otherwise maybe we go to a 2hr.”

This particular post frame building was designed under the 2012 International Building Code. Here is what the Code has to say about this situation:

The living space would be classified as “R-3” under the 2012 IBC

The barn is “U”

Fire Separation Table

S = Buildings equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1.

NS = Buildings not equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system installed in accordance with Section 903.3.1.1.

N = No separation requirement.

NP = Not permitted.

a. For Group H-5 occupancies, see Section 903.2.5.2.

b. The required separation from areas used only for private or pleasure vehicles shall be reduced by 1 hour but to not less than 1 hour.

c. See Section 406.1.4.

d. Commercial kitchens need not be separated from the restaurant seating areas that they serve.

e. Separation is not required between occupancies of the same classification.

f. For H-5 occupancies, see Section 415.8.2.2.

Looking at Table 508.4 – in the left column find “R” go across to the intersection with “U”. For non-sprinklered applications the required separation is 2 hours.

Generally, the accepted design solution will prohibit any openings between the two uses. Here is some reading about establishing fire resistance:

Even though it is outside of the scope of what we are providing, we do go out of our way to assist our clients when we can.

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