Chimney Pots

Accidentally learning more new stuff today. Most of the best things I have ever learned have been by accident, probably why my adult children believe Dad knows more worthless trivia than anyone!

I was looking for information on Fabral’s website ( for standing seam roofing and at the bottom of a page was chimney pots. I’d never heard the term, so time to do some digging.

Chimney PotsA chimney pot is defined as, “a cylindrical pipe of brick, terra-cotta, or metal placed atop a chimney to extend and thereby increase the draft.” Chimney pots are also known as chimney stacks, Tudor chimneys or chimney cans.

Chimeny pots are open at one end, to attach to the top of the chimney flue, and vented open at the exposed (upper) end. While they are almost always tapered, they can be of any shape – round, square, octangular, etc.

A plethora of sizes and styles are available, in a multitude of designs and materials. Heights can range anywhere from just over a foot, to beyond seven feet tall!

Fabral® is offering chimney pots which are touted as having curb appeal and functionality as key components of these elegantly designed European Chimney pots. They are available in a variety of multiple heights and shapes, they are lightweight and easy to install. They are also compatible with steel or masonry flues on wood or gas-burning fireplace systems.

Function meets aesthetics when it comes to Fabral® CopperCraft® chimney pots. The chimney pots create an old world charm while protecting the interior from pests and water.

If your new or existing post frame (pole) building is going to have a chimney, a chimney pot might be just what is needed to set it apart from the neighbor’s building. Add some extra class, with functionality for a winning combination!

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