Your Pole Building Price is Higher

Your Package is a Considerable Amount More!

Money“I like your package a lot but it seems to be a considerable amount more than my other quotes. I have attached the one I received from 84 Lumber. A couple of things are a little different but the bottom line is considerably less. Please let me know what your thoughts are.”

Well, my thoughts are I will apply a similar logic to buying a new car.

I find a Porsche I really like and get the dealer to give me a quote. It has all of the options I really like and might just be the ideal car. I go next to the Chevrolet dealer. They have a car the same size, with the same number of doors and it is a lot less expensive than the Porsche.

Now do I really suppose the Porsche dealer will sell me the car I really want, for the price of the Chevy?

When assisting clients, I often ask for permission to design for them, what I would consider their ideal dream building, based upon the information they have provided. After all, they only get to do this once, it is far better to spend just a little more to get the building they really want for size and features, than to be dissatisfied with the choice, forever.

This particular client was looking for a building which he could climate control – wire, insulate and sheetrock the interior. My quote had the building set up so it was “drywall ready” as well as including Building Wrap, between the wall framing and the sidewall steel.

Here are a few words about climate controlled pole buildings:

The “a couple things are a little different”  in the pole building price quote meant the building was not ready for wiring, insulation and drywall. No Building wrap. Even the overhead doors were uninsulated!

My thoughts are if you are not going to insulate your building ever, something like this might work.

Here is an interesting article you may want to read:

There are going to be some items which we just can’t “dummy down” to match the 84 Lumber features:

Our entry doors are going to be commercial grade with steel jambs and are all factory finish painted. These doors are several hundred dollars more than the unpainted wood jamb doors (which are typically only primed) from 84 Lumber.

Their pole building price quote does not state if steel is even fastened with screws (could be nailed on) and we furnish ONLY powder coated screws. (Read more on these here:

The reflective insulation we provide has a tab on one edge with an adhesive pull strip – no worries about having to tape all of the seams together.

Oh, by the way, our Chevy was not only higher quality, it had a better price!

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