Revolutionary Roof Monitor System

Revolutionary Roof Monitor™ System Poised to Transform Market

Most people have the mistaken belief International Building Code (IBC) snow loading requirements will give them a roof structure which will hold up literally forever. The truth could not be further from this belief!

All buildings are categorized in the IBC by Risk Category (See )

Each Risk Category has a multiplier to the roof snow load which relates to the probability of the design load being exceeded. For Category I, it is once in 25 years. Category II, once in 50 years. Categories III and IV once in 100 years.

Buildings can be designed to IBC snow load requirements and yet still fail!!

Still in the planning stages? Then the solution may be to either increase the design roof snow load, or to building to a higher Risk Category.

For existing buildings with valuable contents or very large buildings, technology now offers a safeguard.

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Across the country, businesses are preparing for several more months of snow and forecasts call for an abnormally wet winter, roof collapses continue to make headlines. Collapses this year alone have already caused millions of dollars in damage and revenue loss, the elimination of hundreds of jobs, serious injuries, and numerous deaths.

If there were ever a time to reevaluate how to better protect roofs, this is it.

RoofMonitor™ is more than just reevaluation. It’s a revolution.

Developed by roofing industry veteran Brad Beldon, Roof Monitor™ is the first and only technology-based system designed to monitor live loads of snow and water. Roof Monitor™ has been created, tested, and perfected during the last decade, dramatically updating an antiquated process which — up until now — has relied upon rough estimates and gut-checks, all complicated by the fact clearing snow from a roof too early can be just as expensive a mistake as waiting too long.

Roof MonitorRoof Monitor eliminates surprises and guesswork. Providing real-time data courtesy of wireless sensors, the system helps building owners and professional roofers make fact-based decisions about snow and water removal to save lives, jobs, and money.

“Roof Monitor™ received our first round of inventory in November of this year,” says Beldon. “We are ready to go, and yet, I know there are thousands of roofs blanketed with snow that will have to wait until spring to install our system. It’s been frustrating and often heartbreaking watching reports of collapses this year, knowing that we finally have the means to prevent many of them.”

A new video details the inspiring Roof Monitor™ backstory, as well as the intricacies of the system. (Watch the video here:


How Roof Monitor™ operates, at-a-glance:

  •     Wireless sensors. Patent-pending, wireless sensors installed on the exterior surface of the roof measure live loads and provide real-time information on even small changes in the environment.
  •     Ethernet-based controllers. Roof Monitor™ controllers receive the wireless signal from sensors and send data to multiple redundant cloud-based servers in data centers across the country for added security.
  •     Web-based interface. The Roof Monitor™ user-friendly, web-based interface delivers a pictorial representation of live loads providing the customer real-time data at their fingertips. The custom, intelligent interface works with any operating system and uses inferential data to reduce false alarms.
  •     On-call monitoring and alert service. Roof Monitor™ monitoring and alert service operators have access to live data and, when it is necessary to take action, can dispatch information simultaneously to multiple users, including service representatives.
  •     Certified dealer network. In a strategic alliance with National Roofing Partners, Roof Monitor™ offers a certified dealer network for servicing customers. Dealers are tied into the monitoring portal and have crews available for dispatch with pre-negotiated snow and water removal rates.

“Every year, thousands of roofs collapse in the U.S. alone,” Beldon says. “I know Roof Monitor™ can help drastically decrease that figure. 2015 is going to be a different story for roof collapses.”

To learn more about how Roof Monitor™ works and if it’s a smart fit for your roof, schedule a demo or call (844) 4WARNING.

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