Dear Guru: Can I Get Snow Breaks From You?

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DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I put gutters and downspouts on my barn this summer and now am dealing with ice sheets damming up against the gutter, and am concerned that the ice/snow backing up may bend the gutter or worse rip the gutter off the fascia. Can you tell me the solution? I see some metal roofs with plastic/metal/??? strips or triangular pieces at the lower end of the roofing sheets, and I assume these are ice breaks of some sort. Can I get these things locally, can I get them ordered through you, or through ABC Steel? How do they work, how are they attached, and do they compromise the roof water shedding? NOT ONLY IN OHIO

DEAR ONLY: 22 years ago I moved into my current home. It has a 7/12 roof slope and a steel roof. Sliding snow ripped the gutters off the very first winter, so I learned the hard way.

Snow breaks – we can provide steel snow breaks for your building (the steel company sells only wholesale, not direct to the public). They are pieces of steel trim, which attach to the roof steel with stitch screws at every high rib. On a building such as yours, we’d suggest going with two runs on each side – one at the first purlin line up from the eave and another 1/2 way up the roof. In your case this would total 14 pieces 10’6″ in length and 400 stitch screws. This product will not impede water running off your roof.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Trying to evade having my taxes doubled. Main goal…I want living space on top for underachieved kids. How about totally open bottom area garage doors on both ends. Or just a car port. Simple open living area on top. A small bath, two small bedrooms, open kitchen open living area. If it’s over 800sq. ft. taxes double. Any ideas on a plan and cost? KERRY IN PONTIAC

DEAR KERRY: As you did not leave an email address or any other way to contact you, we’d have to work in broad generalities. I would encourage you to discuss your desires with one of the expert Building Designers at Hansen Pole Buildings.

 I’ve never been a huge fan of design based upon evading taxes, etc. It won’t matter how much you are able to save in taxes, if your new building does not meet with your needs.

 Your lower area could be just an open carport, basically supporting the living space on stilts. This is very popular in the south where low lying lands are frequently flooded due to hurricanes.

 As we do not design for non-structural interior walls, you would have the total flexibility to place rooms as you best see fit. Your overall size limitation would allow you to do something like 20’x40’, 24’x33’, 26’x30’ or 28’ square. I’d suggest you play around some with possible room sizes….and give us a call at your earliest convenience.  99% of the time you will get a price while you are on the phone with a Building Designer.

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