Steel Shingles

Like the durability of steel roofing, but not the look of standing seam or through screwed steel? Look no further.

Steel ShinglesSteel shingles are manufactured to provide a unique look in a durable, energy-efficient, recyclable roofing product. Believe it or not, there are consumers out there who want all steel has to offer, but don’t want the standing seam look. A variety of steel shingle profiles provide pole building owners a myriad of options.

Steel shingles offer the look of other roofing products — everything from asphalt and composition shingles to clay and concrete tile to wood shakes. The big difference is the steel shingles are fireproof, durable, lightweight and attractive. Only metal can boast all of those attributes.

Because of the visual options steel shingles now offer, metal is becoming accepted in places metal roofing would never be considered before. Even many challenging HOAs (Home Owners Associations) are allowing steel shingles.

Steel roofing shingles offer long lasting protection against many weather conditions. During the 1930s, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Government Resettlement Administration constructed the Cahaba Homestead Village or as it was locally called the “Slagheap Village” in the area directly west of downtown Cahaba, Alabama. Each of these homes was leased by the federal government until being sold to private landowners in 1947. Most still have those original, now 80-year-old, steel shingles!

They are environmentally friendly as they are mainly made from recycled material, and they can be recycled after use as well. Installed over an existing roof keeps old roofing material from going into a landfill. Besides this, many types of coated steel shingles afford energy savings as well since the coating will reflect the sun’s rays and help keep your post frame building cooler.

Steel shingles are available in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit nearly everyone’s needs and tastes. As the roofing color does not have to appear metallic, they will not obviously even look like they are steel.

While the cost of steel shingles is slightly more than asphalt, building owners are often surprised at how small the price difference actually is. Installed properly, steel shingles should be the last roof a pole building owner should ever have to consider.

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