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Volatile Organic Compound Ratios

Volatile Organic Compound Ratios
Today’s guest blogger is Cheryl Barneski. Cheryl’s background is as an Owner Operator Long Haul Division of the Class 8 Industry. CDL END X or HazMat and Tanks. She is a Certified Hole Watch, Lock Out, Tag Out Safety Watch in Chemical Plants and is also Certified Entry Level I.S.O Meter Safety Watch.

“This short article is tough to write. As a Former Professional, it was my job to understand proper behavior around or near *Rookies* that may or may not understand one word you said. Things like V.O.C. ratios, or Particle Combinations, some just looked at me like I just spoke a few nasty words at them. Others were just so dern glad to see me that I had to learn how to address the chemical issues before they called all their friends to hear a lecture. Many times I would pull in and the Dock Managers would call all their people to watch the difference between professional handling of potential hazards and what they were doing. This used to cause a few uncomfortable feelings around those that have never witnessed a healthy person become so very ill over time. So, this is dedicated to those that dare to be honest and say I do not know what a VOC ratio is or what it has to do with my dream home. What the fuss is a Particle Combo? Why are they considered potentially dangerous to a new build?

A smart General Contractor sets an order to his building schedule and fully expects his subcontractors to stick to it. Simply because he knows what VOC Ratio means as well as damage done to healthy homeowners if too many chemicals are allowed to cross each other’s paths for any length of time. Do not be afraid while interviewing a General Contractor about his or her VOC Policies.

You can bet that the people that use proper safety apparel while applying their crafts are those that are worth their weight in GOLD. Many of the better independent subs have VOC meters right hand and can show you that your home was tested before, during, and after their work. This lets them know what other chemicals their chemicals are coming into contact with. Smart Pros never NEVER guesstimate what they are turning loose in your home.

crash-test-dummy-symbolThe VOC Ratio meaning the Volatile Organic Compound Ratio meaning particles per square inch numbers lets them know just how much of each product used in your new build are still lingering in the air and what they are mingling with. IF you make a pot of freshly brewed coffee and then make bacon, eggs, and fresh biscuits. The scent lingers. In some cases will wake everyone up to a pleasant odor. It is immediately detected by your natural detector, your nose.

The scents that are known as Particle Combos are a little harder to detect. Your nose may pick up the strong odor of Stain, or paint. What it may or may not pick up is what the paint and stain vapors have become when they made contact. Anything on your labels with an ENE suffix has the skill to bond or to hold. Thus your new build has any number of Particle Combos.

Relax, you have come a long way from where you were before you read this short version of VOC and Particle Combos. It is the reason our dear Nation insists on proper licensing of pros! It gives both the Pro and those using their service that your new build is as VOC and Particle Combo free as a smart contractor can make them.

There are a few minor options available on the market to test your new home yourself. In many cases that is a good thing. The problem is so few understand what to do with the numbers they are looking at.

Migraines, Kidney failure, cancer are caused by those that read a label and think that is all there is to that application. I hope I have clarified that it is just not the truth~ You know about CO2, for example, it cannot be seen or smelled. But it can and will kill. Before you move in. For your own peace of mind have your General Contractor hand you the VOC report on your wonderful, precious home. Where you and your family are going to create powerful, loving, memories. not unaware of health issues.”