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Small Pole Barns, Timber Screws for Purlins, and Turnkey Homes

Today the Pole Barn Guru answers questions about what the smallest sized barn can be built, certifications for timber screws, and prices for “turn key” homes in Iowa.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Do you build barns that are smaller than 24’ wide?? I want a 20×20 barn/shed DAVID in MILAN

DEAR DAVID: We have provided buildings down to outhouse sized, so 20′ x 20′ is no trouble at all. Provided you have the available space, you may find 24 foot square is not significantly more expensive. A Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer will be reaching out to you Monday to discuss further.


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Will a timber structural screw certified for truss connections such as the timberlok perform better than a 60d ring shank when attaching 2×4 purlins on edge to 8ft span trusses? Would screws need to have pre-drilled holes. JERRY in WATERVILLE

DEAR JERRY: Connecting purlins on edge over top of trusses every eight feet is a truly problematic connection. I have been unable to come up with any connection able to engineer out and this is a weak point for this style of post frame construction. A structural screw would perform better than a nail, however still presents issues. Ideally purlins would be joist hung between trusses, providing a connection actually capable of resisting uplift loads. If you do opt to use either a nail or a structural screw, I would recommend predrilling to avoid splitting.



DEAR POLE BARN GURU: What are some turnkey prices on homes? DONALD in IOWA

DEAR DONALD: This article should assist you with formulating a budget. https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2019/07/how-much-will-my-barndominium-cost/