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Not All Pole Building Customers are Good Customers

Most people shopping for a new pole building kit package are great people. There are, however, some who are a bit more challenging. In the event you fit into one or more of the following, I am going to make a helpful suggestion at the end of this article.

Do you buy only on price?

Every once in a while I will hear from a client how our price was so much better than all of the competitors. If so, it was purely by chance.

People who focus only on price, will never understand why a Hansen Pole Building is a better value. Therefore, they will never appreciate the benefits.

Does it take a committee to make a decision?

pole building conferenceThe ability to arrive at a decision, is measured by the square of those involved in making the decision. When it takes a committee to arrive at a decision, there is something amiss and it is most likely is nobody has enough backbone to make a decision.

Are you concerned about specific little issues which don’t play a key role in the big picture?

An excellent post frame building is one which meets the design solution (it accomplishes the goals of its intended use) and is structurally sound. Getting off track and spending a lot of time on minutia which really make no difference, is not good for anyone.

The size, spacing, grade, etc., of individual building components does not matter, as long as they are will carry the intended loads.  We are the design professionals – please let us do our job. After over 15,000 buildings, we feel we deserve that consideration.

Are you unable to state what you want, even after significant discussions?

If you can’t state the benefits you ultimately want in your new building, it is unlikely you will be satisfied with what is purchased from anyone.

Are you going to spend more time talking about what the competition offers, rather what we are offering?

With many years of experience and comparing our product to others, we know the Hansen Pole Building kit package offers the greatest possible value for the investment. If shopping, the competition should be forced to upgrade to our features and benefits, rather than us being asked to down grade to match a lesser offering from someone else.

The helpful suggestion?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, we are probably not going to be a “fit” for you.

We’d like to recommend you to another provider –  where you will burn an inordinate amount of time and energy. This gives us more time to devote to those who are truly great pole building customers!