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Latest in Post Frame Design

Latest in post frame design

Third World Pole BarnTo my loyal readers – thank you very much, your support is greatly appreciated. Many of you may be familiar with my journeys to Ecuador. For those who are new subscribers, our now 19 year old daughter was a Rotary youth exchange student in Portoviejo, Ecuador her sophomore year of high school (2009-2010). My lovely bride and I would probably never have traveled to Ecuador (or even South America) if Allison had not gone to school there. Well, the bug hit us, and we had to go see her and her new country while she was there.

Frankly – it was dirty, noisy, third world, beautiful and we fell in love with the country and the people. We have spent over two of the past ten months in Ecuador, and are planning another two month trip the end of this year.

One intriguing thing in Ecuador is the use of post frame construction. Many people in the states might have concerns with the example of this newly constructed pole building:


This particular post frame building is on the Pacific coast, just north of Crucita, Ecuador. As Eric (one of the owners of Hansen Pole Buildings) says, “the most important feature of a new piece of real estate is….location, location, location”.

Now if you happen to be in the market for an “uber-cheap” pole building, and do not care about looks, functionality or meeting any known Building Code, this may very well be a style of pole building which would appeal directly to you.

For the majority of Americans, we kind of like to believe we are getting a lifetime value for our investment. We tend to think being able to withstand wind, seismic and snow (yes it snows in Ecuador, just not at the beach) loads might be important. And even if we do not, the local Building Officials usually do!