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Post Frame Safe Rooms

I’ve admired Dr. Frank Woeste, P.E. since I first picked up an article authored by him, which lead to us hanging out on his front porch in Blacksburg, Virginia in October of 1985 discussing bollards. Over the years Frank has done his best to attempt to cram post frame building structural design information into my head – and amazingly I have actually retained a small portion of it! And used it!
In the April 2017 edition of “The Component Manufacturing Advertiser” appeared Dr. Woeste’s article on, “A “Truss Frame” Safe Room for Protecting Your Family?”.
I enjoyed this excerpt:
“I wonder out loud if MPC wood trusses could be used to design and construct a “prefabricated truss-frame” storage shed/safe room building that would safely resist the FEMA recommended wind speeds? With the requisite hold-down-hardware embedded into the truss-frame, the building could be delivered to the site ready for the concrete foundation work needed to secure the shed/safe room.”
The complete article may be read here: https://www.componentadvertiser.com/Portals/0/Downloads/Library/1704/1704%20Frank%20Woeste%20Truss%20Frame%20Safe%20Room.pdf
Being the curious sort I am, I actually downloaded FEMA P-320 (Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business). And I cruised over the plans which have been provided.
After doing so, I am firmly convinced post-frame (pole) buildings would be ideal for the purpose of safe rooms. The FEMA stick frame version could be converted into post frame. This would pose significant investment advantages for the average building owner in two major areas.
The first significant savings is going to come from the foundation. By using pressure preservative treated wood columns embedded into concrete for the foundation, thousands of dollars of footing and foundation costs can be eliminated.
The second (and most important) would be the safe room building can be constructed by the building owner(s) without the need to hire an expensive General Contractor to do the labor.
Ready to protect YOUR family?

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