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Horse Stall Safety

Protect Thy Horse – Horse Stall Safety

Justine orders materials, gets trusses built and coordinates deliveries for Hansen Pole Buildings. Besides juggling a plethora of plates, she also is of the inquisitive nature – always wants to know more. She reads, learns and pays attention.

She recently read this on an online forum and shared it with me:


I thought I would write this, as I never gave it a thought – until it happened to my neighbors horse.

She had a young Tennessee Walker filly, I think she was only 3 or so. Anyways, she kicked and put her rear leg through the tin of the pole barn – when she pulled it back through it cut the main artery in her leg. It was so sad  and she had to put her down. I don’t’ think I have ever seen so much blood. We tried everything and it was just pumping out all over. She was just a young horse, and had a lot of potential, and it was a very sad day.

horse stall safetyI have a pole barn too, but believe me…………after that I have wood four feet high. While my horses aren’t young, I still feel a whole lot better with it there.

While I’ve heard this possible “rural rumor” before, the horse always belongs to a neighbor, relative, friends, etc., the actual owner of a horse seemingly never (or almost never) has reported this incident as a fact.

Is it impossible? In my humble opinion, it would be totally possible. However, not a “usual” occurrence.

But, is it worth taking the risk when the solution is so simple?

Any steel sided building wall, which will regularly be exposed to horses (especially horse stalls), should be protected from the horse’s hooves. These horses can really pack a punch when kicking with hooves covered with steel shoes.

With horse stalls which do not have runs to paddocks – the interior of the wall towards the steel should be lined. Starting at the base with a pressure preservative treated 2×8, then 2×6 Select Decking above, to a height of at least seven feet above grade.

In the case of horse stalls with paddocks, the 2×6 Select Decking should be on the outside of the columns, above the treated splash plank.

Even though chances of danger to a horse are small, play it safe!