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Shipping Post Frame Building Kits to Canada from U.S.A.

Canadians frequently ask about shipping our post frame building kit packages. This should be of assistance:

YRC Freight is the only transportation provider to maintain a dedicated full-time staff at primary border crossings between United States and Canada.

YRC Freight takes complexity out of cross-border shipping. They make sure your post frame building shipment moves through customs just as reliably as it does on road.

YRC Freight has dedicated border-crossing experts and twelve Canada/U.S. Customs gateway locations.

Blaine, Wash./Pacific Highway, BC

Sweetgrass, MT./Coutts, AB

Pembina, ND./Emerson, MB

International Falls, MN / Ft Frances, ON

Detroit, MI/Windsor, ON

Port Huron, MI/Sarnia, ON

Lewiston, NY/Niagara Falls, ON (Lewiston Bridge)

Buffalo, NY/Fort Erie, ON (Peace Bridge)

Alexandria Bay, NY/Lansdowne, ON

Champlain, N.Y./Lacolle, QC

Derbyline, VT/Stanstead, QC

Calais, ME/St. Stephen, NB

Where your shipment crosses the border depends on its origin and destination. YRC’s highway dispatch network uses most-direct routes for your post frame building kit, assuring efficient, on-time delivery.

When shipping from United States to Canada, Canadian importer or purchaser may use a Canadian Customs Broker. If possible, shipper should identify broker or party acting as a broker on bill of lading.

YRC Freight offers broker-inclusive service for U.S.-Canada cross-border business, providing customs broker service along with cross-border transportation.

It is important responsible party (Post frame building purchaser) contact the forwarding agent and/or customs broker(s) to set up an account. Like any business relationship, they will need to agree on services to be provided, charges for these services, set up payment or credit terms, etc.

When a customer fails to complete this important step of international shipping, delays are unavoidable at United States and Canadian borders. When a broker and/or forwarder relationship has been established, all parties involved must be informed as to your chosen forwarding agent and customs broker designated to process your post frame building shipment across the border. This should be done before YRC picks up your post frame building.

Importer of record is normally billed by his/her broker for duties and taxes. Customs broker determines duty (if applicable) along with appropriate taxes and reports those taxes to customs on client’s behalf.

YRC Freight has border coordinators available to answer all your questions and facilitate cross-border moves.

For Northbound (shipping from U.S. to Canada) Border Ambassadors can be reached at:

1- 800-329-0973.

Before shipping a post frame building kit package, Hansen Pole Buildings can provide all available information about the product, its components and manufacturing process to your customs broker.

Process of classifying some products can be time-consuming, depending on complexity and types of materials in your post frame building kit package.

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