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Mike the Pole Barn Guru Published

Here’s How I Did It

The full title of the book is, “Here’s How I Did It! World’s Top Experts Share Their Stories, Insights and Perspectives” by Raam Anand.

It is available at Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Heres-How-Did-Insights-Perspectives-ebook/dp/B00OUVDFL6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1415731572&sr=8-2&keywords=Here%27s+How+I+Did+It

Heres how I did itAs Mike the Pole Barn Guru, I’m highly flattered to have been selected to author a chapter in Volume II of this book series. Obviously I’ve written a couple or three (nearly 800) blog articles. I’ve also been a contributing writer for publications such as Structural Building Components and Rural Builder, however this will be my first foray into being published in a book. Pretty exciting stuff for me.

In the book’s description:

Discover how they did what they did to get to the top!

Learn the exact strategies used by top achievers to grow their businesses.

Get inspired by their true stories, journey and accomplishments.

From 21 top experts in various fields comes the definitive statement of motivation and insights for our troubled times.

“Here’s How I Did It!” is the saga of personal challenges, achievements and accomplishments from 21 experts from around the world.

Of the first volume, one of the Co-Authors, Doug Champigny (www.DougChampigny.com), writes, “I can honestly say how impressed I was by the stories of the other 20 co-authors in this volume. Raam Anand has done an amazing job of bringing together some very heavy hitters, and beyond being educational, this book is truly motivational as you discover just some of the many routes to the top.

With 21 different experts each contributing a chapter detailing their journey, you’re bound to find one or more that resonate with YOU and what you’re trying to accomplish in your business life.

Find the experts who most closely fit your goals, read their stories then use their information to follow them on social media or through their websites. Each chapter is valuable – combined they could make it much easier for you to become an internationally-famous expert too!”

Mike the Pole Barn Guru will endeavor to do justice to those who co-authored the first volume. Keep your eyes on this space for publication date!