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A Model Post Frame Building

Reader JEFF writes:

“I read the blog, even the comments, for about 3 hours in total now- and the writer sure has some good things to say (and imo is usually on the correct side of the flame wars, from a layman-to-pole-buildings but PhD chemical engineers’ perspective). I’ve been involved in spec’ing out details of multi-billion-dollar semiconductor fabs around the globe if it makes any difference. 

One thing I’ve always found helpful when trying to get people who are dead set on doing things their way to accept your method is… Physical models. I am talking toothpicks and glue, paper, plastic, whatever. Little 1/10th, 1/100th, 1/1000th or more scale models of what you propose. There’s a reason architectural models of huge structures or  downtown subdivision blocks including those structures exist in lobbies of architect firms everywhere: seeing is understanding and believing, especially when you can do the same for the competitors’ methods/designs immediately adjacent to yours. 

I love the idea of a pole barn on my property. But I am a visual learner- vector calculus was never any easier in grad school and beyond after watching a particular post-doc give a very detailed visual representation of 3D flow fields in a vertical reactor. I’ve never been the same with respect to how I present my ideas after that. Epsilon i-j-k! (I can’t give you a visual here, I’m going to ask for one!!)

Anyway, my whole point is this. It would be really cool if you guys could sell a small scale physical model of a few “standard” structures you build. One that the buyer has to build him or herself- which would aid greatly in understanding said structure’s construction, strengths, and weaknesses. If the product you’re selling is DIY, this would be of even greater benefit. 

It’s just an idea. I hope this makes it to the right reader- the guy who writes those blog posts, and/or the right decision maker. Thanks for reading.”

Mike the Pole Barn Guru responds:

Thank you for being a dedicated reader!

This model was built by an employee of Cannonball/HNP (they provide entry doors and sliding door components) and is displayed annually at our industry’s expo. I actually began building a scale model post frame monitor barn several years ago and even though I feel like I have an incredible amount of patience, it became far too time consuming even just “milling” lumber from sheets of balsa. Even a bigger challenge in this is – all of our buildings are 100% custom designed to best fit each client’s wants and needs, so there are no “standard” structures to pick. 

My wife and I explored how to best build a scale model. These are the questions that immediately surfaced: What type of building? Gambrel? Gable? Salt Box? Monitor barn? Hipped building? and on and on. Should it have a shed? Partial? Full? what type of doors? and our questions lead to more questions instead of answers. We would entertain paying someone to build a few models for us. Anyone interested? Give us a call!

Maybe this could become a niche industry for you?