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What Does JS 1000® Screw Plating Mean to You?

What Does JS 1000® Screw Plating Mean to You?

Most post frame buildings have threw screwed steel roofing and siding. Industry standard #9 or
#10 diameter screws are zinc plated and should resist 80 to 100 hours to red rust under salt
spray. In other words, expect these screws to prematurely rust, compromising structural integrity and leaving unsightly rust streaks on steel surface.

Leland Industries spent years of research and testing to produce a true innovation – JS1000®
extreme life plating. This incredible plating system has been developed by Leland Industries and
has been proven to remain completely rust free in over 1000 hours of salt spray testing. This is
20 to 25 times corrosion resistance of regular electro-zinc products – and considerably more
than even market’s best known coatings.

JS 1000® delivers performance previously only available by jumping to very costly stainless
steel. In fact, only 300 Series stainless steel could offer superior rust resistance!

This plating system provides for a high lubricity for reducing tapping torque and less stress on
small diameter screws. JS1000® is completely non-toxic. It is compatible with aluminum and
other construction metals. It is hexavalent Chromium free and RoHS compliant, making it an
environmentally friendly product.

For those who “just have to know”, RoHS stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances,
originated in the European Nation. It restricts use of six hazardous materials found in electrical
and electronic products, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

Not yet being satisfied with being ‘best’, Hansen Pole Buildings further has Leland Industries
powder coat our patented diaphragm screws. When used over JS1000® coating, this increases
salt spray testing rust resistance by over three times!!

Hansen Pole Buildings’ goal is to deliver “The Ultimate Post Frame Building Experience”™ and
our powder coated, JS 1000® diaphragm screws provide a small, yet integral part of this.

Want a screw you can drive and never have to touch again for your building’s life? Look no