NEW Hansen Pole Buildings “Getting It There”

NEW Hansen Pole Buildings “Getting It There”

I have always looked at what we do as being akin to logistical wizardry. When one considers it takes thousands of individual components to create even a modestly sized post frame buildings, it is a miracle anything ever gets built!

Until now, we relied upon our third party vendors for deliveries of lumber packages and trusses. Rarely would these arrive on one truck. Then there is hardware (joist hangers, specialty nails, bolts, screws, insulated commercial steel entry doors and often windows) shipped on pallets from our warehouse.

By consolidating these into a single delivery direct from us, we save our clients at least one, if not two deliveries.

Another benefit is we found our vendors to not always be reliable about notification to us or our clients, as to when deliveries would be made. Now, we make contact direct with you, as to when shipments will be departing our facility AND our trucking partner reports via GPS tracking every 15 minutes (sort of like watching progress of a Domino’s pizza on their app).

When lumber orders are processed, not only are we color coding specific members, but also double counting, to insure materials on your building’s pick list are actually getting put on truck. We even go as far as to send you photos of your assembled load!

But, you may have read shipping by truck has become expensive. Well, yes it has. However regardless of who you invest in a building from, all of those components were shipped in from usually far off destinations. Our Midwest Productions facilities and warehouse allows us to consolidate materials produced in multiple locations across U.S. and Canada at a centralized location.

We also (unless your building is huge, or you are willing to pay extra to ship alone) consolidate orders until semi trailers are full. Our pricing takes into consideration weight and volume of each and every client’s building, resulting in a highly efficient and less costly delivered outcome.

And, our huge volume of purchasing direct from mills and manufacturers, as well as cost savings from fabricating trusses at our location, results in each and every client receiving best possible products at an affordable price.

Call 1.866.200.9657 TODAY to participate in “The Ultimate Post-Frame Building Experience”.

And, don’t forget to watch for our next article!

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