An Innovation to Attach Tops of Interior Walls

An Innovation to Attach Tops of Interior Walls

Roof and/or floor trusses should not be fixed attached to tops of non-load bearing interior walls. In a previous article, I discussed a possible solution to this challenge (please read:

Those brilliant engineering type folks at Simpson may just have invented a better mouse trap for these situations.
Introducing the Strong-Drive SDPW Deflector Screw from Simpson Strong-Tie — a premium structural fastening solution for connecting non-load-bearing walls to trusses and joists. With tested lateral-load ratings that meet building code requirements, the SDPW screw is value engineered for strength, installation speed and safety. Offset Driver Bits and a driver extension (available in 18” and 30” lengths, each sold separately) maximize installation speed and safety while minimizing installed cost. The SDPW’s polymer sleeve allows for sliding during deflection, preventing squeaks. The SDPW is designed for superior performance, and it’s backed by the best service and product support in the industry.

Key Features
Deep 6-lobe recess for secure driving
Polymer sleeve allows for deflection without squeaks
Interior-grade E-coat for dry service applications
Offset Driver Bit (6-lobe) drives SDPW Deflector screw to predetermined screw depth
Available in 3 1/2″, 5″ and 6″ lengths
US Patent 8,458,972 applies to Strong-Drive SDPW Solution
US Patent 9,523,383 applies to 6” SDPW Deflector fasteners
Non-load bearing wall connections to truss/joists
Product Includes
Retail packs include (1) Offset Driver Bit and (1) 3/8″ predrill bit. Mini bulk packs include (2) Offset Driver Bits and (2) 3/8″ predrill bits.

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