Dear Pole Barn Guru: Concrete Footing

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: It says in my plans that my post concrete encasement depth is minimum 18 inches. Does that mean 18 inches from the bottom of the hole or 18 inches from the bottom of the post? Thank you. COREY IN SPIRIT LAKE

DEAR COREY: The post hole concrete is calculated as the minimum amount required to prevent your new post frame building from settling, uplifting and overturning.

The 18 inches is from the bottom of the hole. You can always do more, but cannot do less.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Ready to install reverse gable purlins. Assuming they are not attached with brackets (other than to the truss). Is the 2X12 valley blocking installed as one unit, under or over the trusses? Again, no brackets, just nailed directly to purlins or truss? Or are they cut in  individual, different multi-shaped pieces and used as blocking? KEN IN DENVER

DEAR KEN: The 2×12 valley blocking is cut to fit in between the purlins. They function as a place for the angled roof purlins from the valley to land, as well as providing backing for the steel valley flashing.

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