Tru-Log Sided Pole Barns

We have a certain percentage of our clients who are looking for log siding for their new post frame buildings. Usually these folks already have a log home on their property, or their new pole building is going to be their home and they want the ‘log home’ look without the challenges associated with real logs.

Actual wood log buildings have a quaint, authentic look, but require vigilant maintenance at least every two to three years, and sometimes more frequently. This routine maintenance and upkeep is not only costly, but time consuming.

I’ve always believed post frame buildings should be as maintenance free as possible, and now there is a way to make this happen and give the authentic, genuine log look – TruLog™ steel log siding!

At a minimum, wood logs require staining, sealing and replacement of any cracked or damaged chinking every two to three years. Rotted logs may need to be replaced and insect infestations are always a potential challenge. With TruLog™ steel siding, your post frame home, garage or shop siding is essentially maintenance free. Any dust, dirt or debris on your steel logs can be easily rinsed off with a garden hose.

Painting? Not unless you want to change the color. TruLog™ steel siding is finished with a rugged, durable coating and DuPont™ Teflon® surface protector which resists fading, scratches and other types of wear. TruLog™ siding is available in four natural wood colors and the coating stands up to even the most intense UV rays.

TruLog™ steel log siding is made of tough, heavy-gauge steel which is supported by a foam backer contoured to fit behind the steel siding. The foam backer makes your new post frame building more energy efficient and may help you reduce utility bills because it provides insulation and increases the R-value of your building’s walls.

Not only are you choosing durable, high-quality material, with TruLog™ steel log siding, you are choosing the authentic, old-world, natural log appearance. This siding is manufactured to look like real logs, by incorporating hewing and chinking. Hewing is a characteristic completely unique to the process of chopping logs, and has been re-created to give the look of hew lines and wood grain for a realistic appearance. TruLog™ utilizes patented chink line technology to recreate the traditional appearance of sealant for visual contrast between logs.

Want the look of logs without the hassles and expense for your new barn? Ask for TruLog™ on your new post frame building!

More information on TruLog™ steel log siding can also be found at:

2 thoughts on “Tru-Log Sided Pole Barns

  1. I would like some pictures of pole constucted homes. I plan on moving to Kentucky this summer and I am considering having a pole building constructed for a home. My plan is for a 32 foot wide x 56x 8 high. Three bedrooms open kitchen and a large living family room. A front porch 10 feet x 24 feet with a shed type roof. . I want wood siding and a metal insulated roof.A small covered porch at the rear entrance 8 foot x 12 foot. Two of the bedrooms walk in closets with full baths. A mud room
    with laundry.

  2. Post frame constructed homes look just like any other home, there is really no way to tell the difference without cutting into a wall. As the buildings are designed as a clearspan, you can place interior walls anywhere desired. In our own post frame home – we went this route and found what we imagined would be adequate room dimensions, were indeed too small!

    In order to facilitate more comfortable living, as well as providing adequate height for the porches, you might want to consider using an elevated wood floor, over a crawl space.


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