Dear Pole Barn Guru: Where Is My Quote?

DEAR POLE BARN GURU:  Can you tell me if the base trim that I am installing for the ends of the eave soffit is to extend across the endwall corner trim top so as to prevent anything from going in the top of the building corner trim and finishing off the top of the corner post trim? Again to summarize, what is the length to be for the base trim?

I am referring to Figure 55-35 of the Hansen Pole Buildings Construction Manual base trim and it going horizontally across the endwall. My building has a 12” overhang that I am working with.


Construction ManualDEAR SCOTT: At the end of the enclosed level return sidewall overhang a steel sided “triangle” is created. The bottom of this triangle is trimmed with base trim which runs from the eave side edge of the endwall steel out to the fascia trim. The base trim is not designed to go across the top of the corner trims, as this would involve some very complicated cutting with tin snips to fit it over the first rib of the endwall steel.

In the event you are concerned about small flying “critters” entering the top of the corner trims, there are several options. There will be short pieces of outside closure which was trimmed off from where the ridge cap crosses the rake trim. These may be used between the top of the outside corner trim and the underlying endwall steel.

A product such as Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks Insulated Foam Sealant ( could be used to create an airtight, water-resistant seal. If using this, or similar products, take care to not get it on the steel siding outside of the corner trim.

We also have available expandable foam closures, which come in 13 foot long rolls and can be cut to small pieces and used to fill this gap.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Hi, Can’t remember who I dealt with, but put up one of your buildings several years ago. It seems the roof has started leaking. I haven’t been clear up on top, but with a step ladder I took a look at a lower edge of the roof. I noticed that some of the screws had backed out…a couple as much as ¼”.  Is that normal?  Could there be another reason for the leaks?


DEAR MARC: We’ve never had a prior case where one of the diaphragm screws has “backed out” once it was properly installed, so this would be a totally abnormal experience.

First step is to do your best to confirm the purlin beneath the screw has not decayed – if you can pull one of the screws out of the wood, then there is likely a decay problem. If the wood is sound, a small amount of an epoxy based structural wood filler can be squeezed through the hole and the screw reinserted before the epoxy sets up. If decay exists and is minimal, the same process could be done using a larger diameter and longer screw – typically a #14 x 2″ long.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU:  Hello I submitted a pole building estimate last week and I’m still awaiting your reply, I’m getting quotes and would like to get moving on this. Thank you, NEIL IN RUSH

DEAR NEIL: Thank you for your continued interest in a new Hansen Pole Building. Your request was received late Wednesday evening and was emailed to you on Saturday, the day before you sent a message looking for a reply. I noticed you use AOL for a mail server. We have found AOL and YAHOO in particular tend to send emails with attachments (your requested quote being an attachment) into SPAM or JUNK boxes, rather than delivering them to your INBOX. It is always best to set mail from as being allowed, so you receive communications promptly.

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