Centurydrain Steel Roofing & Siding

It wasn’t too long ago I had a client who was looking for a new building and wanted to make sure we did not use steel roofing and siding from either Wheeling Corrugating or Metal Sales™ Manufacturing Corporation (https://www.metalsales.us.com/).

I’d inquired further as to what his issues were with these two manufacturers and the response was, “As I said color and quality is my concern for my next project”.

Wheeling CorrugatingJust out of curiosity, I Googled Wheeling Corrugating and found out they had, as I suspected, filed for bankruptcy and closed their operations in 2012. This client certainly isn’t going to have to be concerned about any quality issues from their products in the future.

What was of interest – was the number of websites of pole (post frame) builders and vendors who have Wheeling Corrugating’s Centurydrain® steel roofing and siding on their websites! I can imagine there is a certain challenge to extolling the virtues of a company and its product which have been defunct for the past three years!

There is a ‘Paul Harvey” to where all of this is leading to – and it isn’t Centurydrain per se. It is with businesses who don’t update their websites to keep product offerings and information current.

Considering a company to provide a new pole building kit package, or a building to construct one for you? Look over their website closely. Generally, at the bottom of each page on their website is a copyright date indicated by a © followed by a year and who holds the copyright.

Being as it is already May of 2015, most forward thinking businesses who pay attention to detail and keeping potential clients informed should have 2015 copyright dates. Start looking around – you will find websites which have information on them which has not been updated, in some cases, for numerous years.

We now live in a world where the sum of all knowledge doubles in less than a year! https://www.industrytap.com/knowledge-doubling-every-12-months-soon-to-be-every-12-hours/3950

Take advantage of the knowledge of businesses who stay on the cutting edge of the knowledge curve, and you will most probably be getting for yourself the latest and greatest!

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