Horse Barn Aisles

You Will Never Look at a Horse Barn Aisleway the Same Again

Most of our equine inclined horse owner clients do not own horses which are worth more than the average house. In fact, most recognize it is not how much (or little) they have paid for their horse (or horses) – the real expense comes from what it costs to maintain the horse!

horse barn aisleOne of the expenses (or investments, depending upon individual attitude) is having a roof over the horse’s head. Boarding out, is like paying rent – you are paying for someone else to get their building paid for. Provided you own property which is properly zoned and has adequate space, the place to keep your horses is normally….at home.

And when it comes time to put up a stall barn, it can either be done on the cheap or done right.

Cheap in upfront costs is often fraught with danger to both horse and horse owner. Having “grown up” with our daughter Bailey (who is now a successful horse trainer in Oregon) and her world of horses, has given me some added insights into safety.

I’ve seen horses stalled in buildings constructed (and I use the term constructed loosely) out of reclaimed and salvage materials where I wondered where the sky hook was – because nothing else could possibly be holding the building up.

Once the trying to save money via poor quality materials thing is overcome, the next most common errors are in making stalls too small (read about stalls here: ), or having inadequate horse barn aisles.

For some aisleway insights:

Bailey’s first introduction to horses came under the tutelage of Michele Webler ( ) , who is one of my Facebook friends. This morning Michele posted a link to an article which takes horse barn aisles to an entirely different level than I could ever imagine.

For your viewing (and dreaming) pleasure, and please do click on this one – these are seriously “over the top”. Talk about your dream barns, these are it:

After viewing these, what more needs to be said except – enjoy!

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