Thermal Insulation for Wood

Thermal Insulation for Wood-finish Look Ceilings

New from Prodex® Construction Solutions is a rustic style insulation for interior decoration.

One of the fastest and safest ways to add a touch of seduction to pole buildings of any type or style using interior decoration involves adding comfortable environments, new textures and contrasts. Rustic decoration elements are usually referred to as antique or aged, but it is a fashionable style which has been growing notably. To respond to the new markets trends, Prodex offers an innovative line of insulators with a wood finish called PRODEX RUSTIC®, which adds beauty to ceilings and at the same time a thermal insulation which provides comfort inside buildings.

Why Use Thermal Insulation?

Insulation reduces the heat transference of a building. When there is a temperature difference, heat flows naturally from a warm space to a cooler space. To keep comfort during winter, the lost heat has to be replaced with a heating system; in the summer, the gained heat should be replaced with a cooling system.

PRODEX insulation systems provide thermal insulation to building ceilings, thus avoiding condensation. It is easily installed and handled due to its lightweight and resistance to tearing.

What is PRODEX Rustic®?

Prodex RusticIt is a Reflective Thermal Insulation with a wood finish made of PRODEX closed-cell polyethylene foam with a six mm (millimeter) width. It is laminated with pure aluminum on one side and a polyethylene film painted with a UV ink which provides insulation and beauty to the building interior.

Each insulating roll comes with a one inch tab along the edge of the insulating roll to improve overlaps. PRODEX RUSTIC is available to both light and dark shades to give individual preference choices.

For people trying to achieve a different look, and add some thermal qualities at the same time, Prodex Rustic may prove to be an affordable solution.

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