How LinkedIn is Important to Your New Pole Building

How LinkedIn is Important to Your Pole Building

If you are one of the many who have been single in the past decade or so it is OK to admit (even to yourself) to the use of the internet to have found a date. If not for finding a date to check out someone who you might have more than a passing interest in dating. Face it, the ‘net affords the ability to gather a lot of information.

Now, gentle reader, you may be wondering how one ties dating into investing in a new pole building.

Think of ordering a pole building, like dating. It takes some time and effort to build the right relationship. The person (or persons) who are working (hopefully on the same side of the table WITH you) to see your building best meets your needs, are very important. Don’t like them? Or worse, don’t trust them? If either or both, chances are this is not going to be a marriage made in heaven.

Why LinkedIn?

With over 225 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Today, it’s assumed every business professional has a LinkedIn profile.

I WANT my clients to check me out, and LinkedIn gives a one stop shop for finding out what makes me tick.

Mike MombTake a minute and go check out my profile, Mike Momb, at

This gives you a detail overview of where I have worked, where I went to school, and organizations I have or do belong to. It also gives a list of endorsements from others as to my skills and expertise. You will find 80 or more people have endorsed me for Building Materials, Timber, Wood, Materials, Green Building and Construction. In a nutshell, “I know my pooh”.

While some things can be made up, endorsements cannot be.

You can also see the LinkedIn groups I am a member of, as well as I am married and what my outside interests are. (I met my bride on the internet and after 14 glorious years, would do it all over again!)

Part of due diligence is knowing who is on your team, and who is merely a pretender.

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  1. Thanks, this post made me realize I can add a new skill/interest to my LinkedIn profile…constructing a pole building!


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