Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl Log SidingPost frame buildings which use real wood log siding can cost a lot more money than other siding options and be a lot of upkeep as well. An alternative may be vinyl log siding. While it will still be fairly expensive, it will be far less than real wood.

Lots of people like the beautiful look of logs on the exterior of their pole building, but do not want to have to pay for all of the maintenance which comes along with it. Real log siding should be frequently inspected for rot, termites or other wood boring insects. Vinyl log siding is not susceptible to any of these, as vinyl is insect free, not susceptible to rot like wood and is immune to algae and other fungi which can build up on real wood siding.

Vinyl log siding also makes a great insulator when combined with the other insulation which is placed behind it. They give all of the glitz and glamour of real logs, without the troublesome problems. The siding is made of polystyrene, which is an excellent insulator. The polystyrene also makes vinyl log siding extremely resilient to denting.

The product is easily installed, but does require some handy experience.

It is available in a large variety of colors. Styles are available in cedar, pine and peeled pine. In the event of damage or remodel, replacement pieces are readily available.

Of course the idea behind post frame construction is to be maintenance free – with vinyl log siding, just hose it down once in a while. Manufacturers offer warranties up to 75 years!

The most inexpensive look will be two by six or eight inch quarter logs. Half log sizes are three inch rather than two. Either choice comes with a system which hides the fasteners from plain sight.

Vinyl may be the solution to the pole building log look – less expensive than real wood, virtually maintenance free and adds insulation.

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