Decks for Pole Buildings

Decked Out Pole Buildings

A fair number of post frame buildings end up with decks attached to them. We’ve designed some unique ones over the years, including a building which had a ten foot cantilevered deck across the entire end of a 36 foot wide building. My own pole building at home, has a five foot cantilevered deck on one end, and the topper – a 16 foot square deck – on top of the roof!

The only real limitation to decks on pole buildings, are the available space, the ingenuity and size of the pocketbook of the building owner.

Pole Building DeckOne of the goals of most pole building owners is to increase the amount of their usable space – whether interior or exterior. When it comes to yard space and decking, the larger the area one has to work with, the more design elements and features are available. Sometimes space is at a premium, and it is during situations like these alternative arrangements get considered.

In the case of a deck which is high enough to utilize space underneath, this can either be usable or become part of the yard experience.

A company named Timertech has developed Dry Space – an under deck drainage system which collects and channels moisture from the spaces between your deck joists.

What does this mean?

Well for starters, once installed, it means rain and snow melt no longer seep through the deck to the space below! This innovative system acts like Scotch-guarding for decks, attaching easily to new or existing deck joists and effectively turning lower level patios into extra leisure and storage space. Manufactured with an off-white color design, Dry Space lightens and brightens the area under the deck, giving the space a crisp and finished look. Kits are available in 12” on-center spans (12’ lengths) and 16” on-center spans (12’ and 16’ lengths), both standard sizing for most project applications.

Installation is simple and straightforward, and accommodates everyone from seasoned deck professionals to weekend do-it-yourselfers. With basic tools and know-how, Dry Space can typically be installed in a few hours (depending on project size). The surface is also able to be modified with paint, so if off-white doesn’t match your project’s color scheme, there is no reason to worry. Simply roll or spray paint Dry Space lengths prior to application and continue with installation as usual. The space between joists and Dry Space can even be used to hide wires for a ceiling fan, outdoor speakers, electrical outlets, and much more!

If you want to keep the space underneath a deck free of moisture and increase its use (instead of a place to throw old potting containers), consider Dry Space as a solution. Today as the first wet snow of the season is coming down, I wish I had this on my house decks, as my firewood is getting soaked!

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