Pole Building Kit: Not Too Sure on What We Do?

Manny recently contacted us for a quote on a new pole building kit package. His particular need is hay storage, which could be solved by the 24’x36’ two story pole building he requested a price on.

Access would be via a split sliding door in each endwall, and the second floor is designed to support the weight of hay storage.

Manny’s email to me yesterday:

This is a kit, without plans, and for which I have to assemble myself and which I have to cut to fit, is that correct?”

My response:

“Manny ~

This is a pole building kit package which includes all of the components needed for assembly, other than nails which would normally be driven by a nail gun.

We provide two complete sets of 2’x3′ blueprints for your building. They are specific to your particular building. All of the framing members for every wall and the roof are shown on the plans, and all of the doors are properly located and the openings fully dimensioned.

Check out: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/sample-plans.htm

Pole Barn Construction ManualAlso provided is a complete installation guide, which takes you through every step of the construction process from how to prepare the site, until the last nail and screw are driven. The guide includes diagrams as well as actual photos which detail each step.

There will be some cutting involved; this is not a pre-cut kit, which would require everything to be exactly precise. Most of our clients feel relatively comfortable in working with cutting wood. In cases with steel roofing and siding, both are manufactured to the correct lengths. However, some cutting will be necessary to place the angle on the top of the endwall panels, as well as around door openings. The steel siding is located, so as to minimize the need for cutting, and any field cut edge is covered with a piece of steel trim, so cuts do not have to be exact (just pretty darn close). The installation guide included with your pole building kit does provide instructions for marking and cutting, to give the best outcome.

While the great majority of our clients do construct their own buildings and do an admirable job of it (in most cases far better than they would have paid a contractor to do), some do opt to hire a contractor to do some or all of the work for them.”

In my humble opinion, any physically capable person who is willing to take the time to read instructions and look at the plans can construct for themselves a structurally sound pole building which will serve their needs, as well as be a source of pride for years to come. I’ve been blessed with working with thousands of clients over the past three decades who are rightfully proud of what they have accomplished, in the construction of their own pole building kits.


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