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Every six months the International Code Council (ICC) provides updated Building Valuation Data (BVD) to its members. The BVD table provides the “average” construction costs per square foot, which can be used in determining permit fees for a jurisdiction.

The following building valuation data represents average valuations for most buildings.  Again it should be noted, when using this data, these are “average” costs based on typical construction methods for each occupancy group and type of construction. The average costs include foundation work, structural and nonstructural building components, electrical, plumbing, mechanical and interior finish material. The data is a national average and does not take into account any regional cost differences

The Square Foot Construction Cost does not include the price of the land on which the building is built. The Square Foot Construction Cost takes into account everything from foundation work to the roof structure and coverings but does not include the price of the land.

So……what is a new building’s value?

Private garages are to be valued as an IBC (International Building Code) Section 312 “Group U” utility and miscellaneous structures. V-B is the least restrictive building type with regard to materials. V-B structures can be built out of any material and it doesn’t need to be rated. It is also the most restrictive in terms of size restrictions in IBC Table 503.

A finished V-B Group U structure has a valuation of $39.83 per square foot. If the building is a “shell only”, then 80% of this value would be used ($31.86 per square foot).

Putting up a standard two-car garage 24 feet square? The valuation would be $18,351. A 30’ x 40’ shop? $38,232.

Looking at these valuations, a post frame (pole) building is a tremendous bargain, and a great way to add instant equity to a property! Get a quote on a pole building kit package, add in your other costs (HVAC, etc.) and I believe you will see dollar signs – going into your pocket, instead of out.

4 thoughts on “Building Valuation Data

  1. I have talked to several real estate agents and real estate appraisers in my area and they said adding a 2400 sqft shop would add nothing to the valuation of my property since it was not part of the home and was secondary to the residence. I find it hard to spend the money on a nice building if I am going to loose when I sell.

    1. You must live in a very unusual area as this is the first and only report ever I have heard of a detached post frame accessory building (other than if it was a piece of junk) not adding value to the property equal to or more than what was invested in the building. I know, for a fact, my own personal residence went up significantly in value with the addition of each of my detached post frame buildings. About the only circumstance I could see your new building not adding value would be if your home is already the most expensive home in your area – in which case you have topped out your market.


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