The Truth About Setting A Pole Building Budget

Shhhh….somebody might hear you.

We want to know what your budget is for your new pole building. You know, how much do you have set aside for the building (or are planning to borrow to pay for it)? This dollar amount should be cash on hand (which you are willing to invest into your new pole barn) plus the amount you can borrow.

But….you may be thinking, “If I tell you how much I have to spend, you will overcharge me”!

Wrong – the goal is to be able to see to it you get the most possible value in your new building, for every dollar spent.

Plan Your Budget With our Building Planning Guide

With the knowledge of your pole building budget, the problems you want your building to solve for you, and goals your new pole barn will help you reach, your Building Designer can best work with you. Numerous factors can be adjusted to save you dollars, or to get you a larger, or more featured garage, shop or riding arena.

Working from a given set of features, the greater the “footprint” of your building, the lower in cost per square foot it will be. My premise has always been, to construct the largest building I can afford, and possibly fit onto the available space. At my own home, I have a very narrow lot, which is 14 degrees out of square. By building the building to follow the 5’ setbacks required from the lot lines, I was able to construct a three story tall shop!

Is your dream pole building a little over budget? If so, some features can be installed at a later date. Overhead door openings can be left, with the doors to be installed at a later date, when more funds become available. Concrete floors and driveways can easily be poured after the building has been constructed, making for a large savings in cash, which can be allocated towards the original pole building shell.

In my bride’s words of wisdom, “To get the most value for your building dollar, put the four corners as far apart as possible!”

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