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Other I.C.C. Benefits

My last article discussed Integral Condensation Control (I.C.C.) solutions for steel roofing.

When Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designer Dave Gross constructed his own post frame building, I convinced him to utilize I.C.C. for his roofing. A testimony to how much he liked it – virtually every building his clients have invested in since has I.C.C.!

 Reduced Noise
A common concern for owners considering steel roofing is increased noise caused by rain and echoes. Steel roofing with I.C.C. offers significant sound deadening abilities, often decreasing rain impact and reflected noise levels by twenty percent.

Fire Rating

Most building codes require faced metal building insulation to have a flame spread rating of 25 or less and a smoke developed rating of 50 or less when tested according to ASTM E84 or UL 723. Steel panels with I.C.C. attached meet these standards.

Rot Resistant

The two components of I.C.C. are synthetic polyester fiber and rubber-based adhesives, neither of which is susceptible to decomposition from bacteria, mold or mildew. These materials are also well suited for cleaning with a hose or pressure washer in the event that they are soiled.

Additional Protection in Corrosive Environments

An unexpected benefit of this product is offered by its rubber adhesive membrane. The adhesive layer acts as a barrier which adds additional protection, isolating the washcoat of the panel from corrosive vapors often found in structures used for animal confinement. In light of this, an experiment was performed on bare galvanized and Galvalume® steel to determine the actual amount of protection offered by the extra layer. The experiment consisted of a 1000 hour test which exposed the interior of panels (with and without I.C.C.) to condensation from heated liquid manure. The results showed a clear indication steel panels are in fact shielded from the corrosive compounds. These findings strongly suggest panels with I.C.C. will offer a greatly extended service life in conditions which typically void the paint system warranties.

Planning your new steel roofed post frame building? If so, be like Dave. Dave is smart, his steel roofed post frame building doesn’t drip!