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Mortarless Masonry Exterior

Mortarless Masonry Exterior Options for Pole Buildings

Today’s guest blogger is Jim Weidner, Commercial Project Manager for Rochester Concrete Products.

Throughout the years, pole (post frame) buildings have evolved. At one time, pole buildings were constructed for a person’s shop, garage, or just a storage building. Those uses still remain, but now pole buildings are used for much more. Now you can find pole buildings being constructed for office buildings, airplane hangars, religious facilities, retail buildings, and homes. Not only has the different uses for pole buildings changed, but so has the exterior options.

Ribbed steel siding was once the common exterior finish for most pole buildings. Then came two different colors of ribbed steel siding, with the first four feet of it giving the appearance of a wainscoting. But now, building owners are looking for more. Masonry exteriors are being used frequently now on the exterior of pole buildings.  Some are just a four foot wainscoting, but they are also using full masonry wall exteriors. While mortared masonry (mortared brick and block) are still commonly used for these applications, there is another option, Moderra mortarless masonry veneers.

Brought to market in 2000 by Rochester Concrete Products, Moderra gave pole building contractors the option of keeping the installation of the masonry in house instead of having to sub it out to a masonry subcontractor. With Moderra being a dry stack mortarless product, it can be installed by the DIYer or pole building contractor and doesn’t require him or her to bring another trade on to the job. Because of that, and the fact it can be installed in any type of weather, that means no delays and more cost savings for the contractor and the building owner.

Moderra also gives what many pole building owners are looking for on their exteriors, which is options. Moderra is available in 8” Single Score block (installed in a stacked bond) 8” No Score block (installed in a running bond application), and 4” Brick. Building owners can also choose to use the Ashlar pattern, which utilizes all of these products together. There are also many different color options to choose from.  

With pole buildings now being used for applications that see a lot of foot and vehicle traffic, exterior finishes are very important.  Moderra mortarless masonry veneers gives the pole building contractor more to offer the building owner and Moderra gives the building owner more to choose from.