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Dear Guru: How Do I Get a Pole Building Quote?

Welcome to Ask the Pole Barn Guru – where you can ask questions about building topics, with answers posted on Mondays.  With many questions to answer, please be patient to watch for yours to come up on a future Monday segment.  If you want a quick answer, please be sure to answer with a “reply-able” email address.

Email all questions to: PoleBarnGuru@HansenPoleBuildings.com

 DEAR POLE BARN GURU: How much for a 30×40 4/12 pitch sliding door, plus 1 entry door. STEVE IN PERRY, MI

DEAR STEVE: Sorry you haven’t gotten a reply, however you left no contact information.

The easiest way for you or anyone else to get a pole building quote is to request one at: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/freequote.htm

By completing the simple to complete step-by-step format, it allows one of the Hansen Pole Buildings’ Designers to expertly craft a price on your ideal dream building.

Asking for a “ballpark” price is like “what is the price on a 2014 car?”  What make?  Model?  Options??? Whatever price I give you with limited information –will be a disappointment for you.

I also need your site specific loading information – because a building subjected to 120 mph wind is built entirely different from one with 85 wind speed.  Or 25 pound snow load compared to 60 pounds.  Take 15 minutes, fill out our free pole building quote form – and you will get an accurate price…not a wild guess…and it it’s free – no matter how many re-quotes you get!  No obligation to buy.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Is a whole house fan practical in a pole barn to remove heat and help with condensation? HUNTING IN ELKHART

DEAR  HUNTING: A whole house fan is a type of fan, or exhaust system commonly venting into a building’s attic, designed to circulate air in a home or building. It is sometimes confused with a powered attic ventilator, which exhausts hot air from the attic to the outside through an opening in the roof or gable at a low velocity.

A whole house fan pulls air out of a building and forces it into the attic space. This causes a positive pressure differential in the attic forcing air out through the gable and/or soffit vents, while at the same time producing a negative pressure differential inside the living areas which draws air in through open windows.

Powered attic ventilators, by comparison, only serve to remove some hot air from the attic.

In answer to your question – maybe.

Ideally these factors should all be present in order for a whole house fan to work:

1)    Concrete slab throughout, with a good vapor barrier underneath.

2)    No sliding barn doors.

3)    Insulated and well-sealed overhead and entry doors.

4)    Finished interior walls, insulated with a vapor barrier between the insulation and the interior finished surface.

5)    Finished ceiling, with a dead attic space above.

Adequate attic ventilation