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Free Engineered Pole Building Plans

FREE Engineered Pole Building Plans!

Yep, you heard it here first…. on Roller Derby (borrowed from Cheech and Chong’s 1973 album Los Cochinos from a skit about the “Evelyn Woodhead Sped Riddin’ course”).
Today’s article was sparked into being by an email I recently received:
“I’m an architect trying to provide bid documents for a client using a building system like yours. If the footprint of the building is going to be 50’x70′, what is the column spacing on both the long and short dimensions?”

Hunter Greene
Hill Studio
Roanoke Virginia

“Thank you very much for reaching out to us, we enjoy working with design professionals.

The column spacing which will give most clients the best bang for the buck is usually going with 12 foot centers. The best way to get more information would be to provide as many details as possible – such as…are dimensions carved in stone? 48′ x 72′ might be a better investment. What is the eave height (https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2012/03/eave_height/)? Where will the building be physically located, what are the Code parameters (snow, wind, seismic and soil bearing pressures, as well as Code version)? What is the wind exposure at the site? Building heated or unheated? What are the requirements for doors?

HPB-Instant-Pricing_Edited-150x46From all of the above, we can use our Instant Pricing™ system to arrive at the best value for the dollar spent.

Also – if this is a project for a governmental agency which will be let out for bid, we will supply the structural plans up front, at no charge – so it may be sent to interested parties. I would encourage your client to divide the bid process into sections – one being the engineered plans, materials delivered and instructions provided, the second being for the labor to construct (which would include providing any nails which would typically be driven by a nail gun).”

Back to the topic at hand – in the event you are any sort of governmental agency, from a township to Uncle Sam himself, you need a low rise building (typically no more than 50 foot high walls and/or three stories) and it has to go out for bid – we can help you!

Working with an architect already? We can make their life very simple – and allow you to negotiate a lower fee with the architect!

For more fascinating reading about bid jobs: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2011/09/bid-jobs-how-do-contractors-blow-budgets-and-still-get-paid/