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Building Materials List: Mr. Jim Poses a Request

I recently posted a blog entitled, “Why a Materials List is Usually Not a Good Thing”.

One of the senior Building Designers at Hansen Buildings, Jim, wrote to me this response: “Love this Blog, but you must do a follow up…cover the language “as needed” on the HPB quote and what that means in the big picture to the consumer!”

In Jim’s honor, I will delve into this one….

As those of you who read the prior post are aware, a building materials list is nothing more than a list. It is going to the grocery store without lists made from the recipes you have at home, hoping to get all of the correct ingredients and the right amounts.

Most truly reputable building kit package suppliers will quote an entire building, not just a list of pieces with a disclaimer. In the case of Hansen Pole Buildings (the HPB mentioned by Jim), these quotes are quite explicit.

Spelled out is the roof type (gable, full hip, monitor, gambrel, single slope, etc.), whether the building is fully or partially enclosed. Dimensions (width, length and eave height) as well as roof slope are clearly listed.

All included items are listed – doors, windows, accessory items. These are features which are specific to any given project.

Hansen Buildings materials list: the items which are included (as needed) on every building:

Roofing, siding and trim materials

Structural building columns pressure preservative treated for in-ground use

Pressure preservative treated splash boards, dry framing lumber, pre-fabricated trusses

All specialty nails, bolts and hangers

Powder coated color matched screws to attach any steel roofing and/or siding

Besides the complete detailed and itemized building materials list, we include the industry’s best Construction Manual and two sets of two foot by three foot building plans.

We also state the few items we do not provide – framing nails which would normally be driven by a nail gun (almost everyone uses nail guns and they come in a variety of nail choices – stick or coil, as well as different angles) and concrete (a little heavy to ship).

One of the important items we DO include is the full design criteria for the building being provided. In my next blog, we will discuss WHY this may be the most important part of every building quote, and ultimately the invoice.