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Best Construction Blog

Best Construction Blog?
For certain I know in my heart of hearts this blog is absolutely the best in the post frame (pole barn) building industry….no one, I repeat no one has penned over 1400 articles and answered over 2300 questions from readers in post frame building blogs, like I have.

Time to take it to another level.

This blog is one of only 17 world-wide to have been nominated and accepted as candidates for the 2018 Best Construction Blog competition.

This is ALL facets of the construction industry, not just our little niche of post frame.
I tend to be just a little bit on the competitive side, which is good – it has enabled me to do things like setting (and holding for over 20 years) the world record for the fastest pole building ever constructed (read a few snippets here:

The best construction blog finalist is decided by a combination of popular vote and independent judging. This allows a fairer competition. The popular vote determines the short-list for the judging panel. While judges are free to consider all entries, they generally focus on the top six or seven bloggers.

This is where you, gentle reader, get to play a part in my success, or lack thereof. My goal has always been to be the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. Hopefully my stories have combined enough wit and wisdoms to keep you coming back for more over the years.
I Need YOUR Help!

If you have enjoyed my musings, I would encourage you (and please your friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers as well) to go to: https://constructionmarketingideas.com/voting-starts-for-2018-best-construction-blog-competition/ and cast your vote for this blog POLE BARN GURU (it is the 14th one from the top as they are listed alphabetically). Make sure to uncheck the boxes in front of any other blog.

Don’t be shy about helping this go viral – it needs enough votes to get it into the top few who will be independently judged.

Thank you gratefully!