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What Does It Mean When a Pole Building is ‘Engineer-Sealed’?

Engineer sealed pole barnIf you’ve been shopping around for a pole building kit, you may have heard the phrase ‘engineer-sealed’ and wondered what it meant—and whether it matters for your planned building.

‘Engineer-sealed’ simply means that a licensed engineer has reviewed a set of building plans and put their stamp of approval on it. Engineer-sealed plans are also sometimes referred to as ‘wet-sealed’, a phrase that comes from the old practice of physically applying an inked stamp on building plans. Some engineers will still use an ink stamp, but in many cases, engineers can now use an electronic seal in place of the traditional wet seal.

To be qualified to seal a set of plans, an individual must have a degree in Engineering and be up-to-date with any tests or dues required at the state level. The state in which they are licensed must be the same state where you are planning to construct your pole building.

Hansen Pole Offers Engineer-Sealed Plans

In the past, we’ve offered engineer stamped pole barn plans as an option with our building kits. As of 2016, however, all of our pole building kits come with engineer-sealed plans, and we have engineers who can seal plans in all 50 states.

The Benefits of Engineer-Sealed Plans

Whether you plan to construct a pole building for residential or commercial use, it’s a good idea to start out with engineer-sealed building plans. Depending on where you live, your building department may require you to submit sealed drawings before you can get a permit for your project. Sealed plans are almost always required for commercial building projects, no matter where you are. If you have your sealed plans ready to go when you first apply for a building permit, you should be able to get your permit relatively quickly and easily.

Even if your local building department doesn’t require you to submit sealed plans, it’s smart to get a pole building kit with engineer-sealed plans. These plans essentially provide additional insurance, because a design professional has reviewed them and certified that the planned building is structurally sound. With engineer-sealed plans, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pole building is designed to withstand harsh weather and last for years.