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Pole Barn Package on Ebay


I’ve purchased things on eBay before, as have many Americans. Sometimes there are some great buys to be found, other times, not so great.

While browsing today I came across, “Pole Barn Package – 36×48 – 2’ OC Rafter Placement Horse Barn Garage”. Condition is listed as new and the starting bid is listed as $13,824.

I’m thinking, this must be quite the building for this kind of money. As I read on, am finding out maybe not so hot of a deal.

The “open barn package” means the building has just a roof, no walls, and no doors! And it has a 12×48 center isle (should be aisle, but no matter) built into the barn design. The aisle way is wonderful for horse stalls, however not so practical for use as a garage – as having 10 posts inside a garage is not my idea of being user friendly.

“Also works well for storage with a high center isle clearance for RVs or trailers”. As it turns out, the barn package has only an 8’ eave (“eve” in the ad) height and a 3/12 roof slope – which means the clearance in the center aisle way is about 10’ vertically. Better be a short trailer or RV, is all I can say.

“Construction skill and knowledge required”…. Probably, as the barn package does not include prefabricated roof trusses. Instead it has a roof system which is very large on pieces and cutting. Running the long direction of the building are headers at each row of posts. On top of all of the headers are 2×6 rafters, and on top of the rafters 2×4 purlins. Lots of pieces, lots of cutting and fitting and a literal plethora of connections.

Oh, I forgot to mention “2×6 knee braces”, which, besides contributing little or nothing to the overall strength of the building, afford head ringers for people and nesting places for birds.

It does include basic plans (“two pages on 11” x 17” paper”), which are not sealed by an engineer. Apparently engineering is available, in Florida only. Outside of Florida, it is up to the customer to find their own engineer to design the building and only then would a quote be available based upon those plans (might as well take the plans to a local lumber yard or big box store at this point).

After looking this over – I am not thinking this is a great deal for anyone except the seller, who should have a pretty healthy payday, should they sell any at this price!