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Sliding Door Openers

Author’s Note: This is part 9 of a series of blogs written from a 6500+ motorcycle trip from WA to Ohio and back.  See Blog from Oct. 15th for the beginning…and hang on for the ride!

It IS a Small World

As my “Zen” motorcycle trip approached the home stretch, I was enjoying glorious beautiful weather across southern Illinois.

Pole Barn Sliding Door OpenersHopping into the “Wayback” machine for a bit….back in January 1982, when my first business was fledgling, I participated in a show in Kennewick, Washington. My booth happened to be next to a vendor selling the Bamix. Well… before the three day show was done, I could recite her entire spiel backwards and forwards. One nice thing was, she stopped traffic, and I got a chance to talk with far more people about pole building kits.

My Dad happened to drive down from Spokane to spend a day at the show with me. Dad had a way of getting to know people easily, and by the end of the day, he had met every vendor on the floor and knew something about them and their business.

It appears I inherited some of my Dad’s gift of gab, as I seem to get into random discussions with people everywhere.

Back to Illinois….I had been on the road early, so at 10 a.m., it was time to refuel the motorcycle as well as me. I grabbed a Subway sandwich and was checking Email messages on my cell phone, when I got into a discussion with the gentleman whose pickup was parked next to mine.

Long story short, it turns out he works for the company which provides remote electric openers for our sliding doors! Who would have thought?

Although Hansen Pole Buildings sliding doors are designed for ease of operation, being able to open a door without having to get out (or off) a vehicle or piece of equipment becomes a true benefit.

To get more insights on a post frame building sliding door opener: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/blog/2012/06/sliding-doors/