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Find Me a Contractor to Erect My Building!

Fewer and fewer of our clients seem to have the inclination to erect their own post frame building kits. Here is one and my response ended up being quite lengthy.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Do you have about 3 names of companies/contractors that can erect my 40x40x14 hanger kit, once I buy it from you guys. TIM in OSSIPEE

DEAR TIM: Here is how it works......

About Hansen BuildingsYou get the details of your building worked out with a Hansen Pole Buildings' Designer and get a building order placed. If you need a builder, you can stipulate to Hansen Pole Buildings providing the names and contact information of three or more builders who can construct the building shell for 60% of the price of the materials or less within seven days, else your investment is refunded 100% and we part as friends (unless you then decide to do it yourself - which frankly gives you the best outcome). This agreement can be stipulated right on the face of the Invoice for the building, so no questions. Keep in mind, this is a service provided to you only - we refer these builders to you, we do not recommend them. It is totally up to you to thoroughly vet them out.

If you follow all of the steps listed here: https://www.hansenpolebuildings.com/2013/07/contractor-6/, you will be much more likely to get the builder of your dreams, than of your nightmares.

Why don’t we tell you who the builders are up front?

I shall share a short story, please humor me….

Probably ten years ago, our office got a phone call from a person who purported to be one of our clients. He was sure he had ordered a building from us. He was having problems with the builder who erected his building kit. The builder was not responding to the client’s calls to do the needed repairs under warranty.

Now this builder had constructed about 200 Hansen Pole Buildings. In fact, he had gotten the name of the tragically flawed new pole building owner from us! The client was looking for a builder – so we gave him the contact information for the builder.

The builder decided to cut Hansen Pole Buildings out of the deal.

He put together his own “plans” for the building, ran around and purchased materials and sold them and his labor to the client.

And then there were problems…..

Even the most reputable contractor can play shenanigans once in a while – this one got caught and the client got stuck holding a bag which was not the one he expected he was going to get. There are some items which are ONLY available with Hansen Pole Buildings – like the use of powder coated color matched diaphragm screws. As far as we can tell, we are the only people who offer these for every building with steel roofing and/or siding.

Why would this be important?

Because we want your new post frame building to outlast you and still look great. Most other screws will either not perform to provide the needed wind shear resistance, they will rust and decay – causing leaks, and the paint will chip off the heads, leaving row upon row of bare shiny galvanized soldiers