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How to Hang Things on Post Frame Steel Siding

How to Hang Things on Post Frame Steel Siding

Reader LORI in WISCONSIN writes:

“We would like to hang a large Christmas wreath on the street face of our farm’s pole shed, above the sliding door (photo provided)…what do you recommend we use for the hanger? We’re in SW Wisconsin, so not excited about any of the adhesive things due to the cold temps.”

Hanging things on exterior steel sided post frame walls is not overly difficult and is similar to hanging items on drywall, wood or plaster. Major difference is galvanized bolts will replace nails. Nails won’t work very well on metal as the hole will eventually expand and do damage to your building. Nuts, bolts and washers (all galvanized) form a much more secure bond.

Measure and mark spot(s) on the wall for item attachments. Length and diameter of bolt depends upon items you are hanging. A 1/4-inch bolt is sturdy enough to support most items. Bolt placement also depends upon the item type. If you are hanging a picture, bolts need to be set in such a way so picture hangs evenly and at an appropriate height. Avoid areas with wires, pipes and underlying wood framing.

Select a metal drill bit slightly larger than bolt thread diameter, to drill holes in steel siding. Place drill on marked spot, turn on and hold it level as you drill. Repeat process until all holes are drilled.

Place a galvanized nut on the bolt and thread up to where an adequate distance remains to hang item between bolt head and nut, when installed. Place a large diameter galvanized flat washer on the bolt shaft. Place caulking around pre-drilled hole and insert bolt/nut/washer assembly from exterior to minimize water infiltration.