Footings, Payments, and Financing

Today the Pole Barn Guru answers reader questions about a requirement for “continuous footings” in South Carolina, lump sim or payments for a building purchase, and finance options.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Are continuous footings required for a pole barn in Dorchester County South Carolina. Size is 24 x 32 M KELLY in SUMMERVILLE

DEAR M KELLY: There is no readily apparent structural reason why they would be required. Your pole barn’s foundation design should be clearly spelled out on engineered plans you will be submitting to acquire your permit to build and will most typically be properly pressure preservative columns embedded in ground with some amount of concrete to resist uplift and overturning (as well as settling).


About Hansen BuildingsDEAR POLE BARN GURU: Do you have to pay all at once or can you make monthly payments? STEVE in KALAMAZOO

DEAR STEVE: Depending upon your credit worthiness you can make monthly payments.


DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Will banks finance these as homes? MICHELLE in MILL HALL

DEAR MICHELLE: Absolutely they will. You will want to read more here:



2 thoughts on “Footings, Payments, and Financing

  1. We are interested in building a home. It’s crazy but I’m not sure what to call this structure
    Long story short we started out investing a pole frame residence. Decided not to go w slab on grade due to or physical condition and walking on concrete.
    I’m thinking we are going to build a 3-4’ stem wall or crawl space w 2×6 exterior walls. With trusses 6/12 pitch Metal roof and 3 sides metal. The front could be red cedar siding
    We are building in a remote area and the trades are difficult to come by. I received a recommendation of a person who has been building fence for 20 years He organized 2 Amish crews that have built 2 large pole barns. They set poles and framed in with 2×6 exterior walls When we spoke about pricing I was told it would be $4.50 a sq foot. I have framed stick build for a lot less in the past. A local subdivision in the area is paying $3.50 a foot for stick built houses. My question is how do I determine if that is a fare price. I’m having a difficult time seeing how that price is valid What am I missing ? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks. John

    1. admin Post author

      You are comparing an apple and an orange – both our fruits and yet that is where their similarities end. Framing contractors pricing does not generally include siding installation and never things like foundations, roofing, overhead doors, etc. Generally a fair price for post frame construction is 50% of the price of materials.


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