Free Standing Hangar Door

Free Standing Hangar Door

Disclaimer: this is not a testimonial for this door, I have not personally used one, and to the best of my knowledge none of our clients has (although I could be wrong on this last part).

As readers of yesterday’s column have learned, deflection can become an issue with openings for hangar doors (deflection of the member which supports the building and/or the hangar door across the opening). Well, the folks at Higher Power Hydraulic Doors® may have figured out a solution.

You can watch their video here:

Watch this Amazing Self Supporting Door video… from Higher Power Hydraulic Doors on Vimeo.

According to the manufacturer, these doors are completely self-supporting. There are no vertical or horizontal loads to stress your structure like conventional bi-fold, swing, and cable-lifted doors. Their patented cam and roller technology enables your door to ride smoothly, at an unbeaten open/close speed. They also engineered in the safety, security, ease of installation, and maintenance features you want.


Many Hansen Pole Buildings’ clients are D-I-Yers, who will be pleased to know the doors come with simple, easy-to-follow installation instructions. Door bolts together without special tools. Do it yourself and enjoy full factory-support and a five-year warranty. For those not so inclined, professional installation assistance is available from Higher Power Hydraulic Doors®.

The manufacturer claims once installed, this door is virtually maintenance free. It adapts to pole barn (post frame) wood frames with no additional header requirements, which makes me (and our engineers) very happy indeed. This also results in some cost savings to the building owner, at least on the building structure itself.

Optional windows or walk-in doors may be included, as well as a 12-volt backup system and (I like this one) remote controls!

Whether you are looking at a larger than practical overhead door sizes for a hangar or large equipment it is possible a Higher Power Hydraulic Door® could be in your future as a design solution.

2 thoughts on “Free Standing Hangar Door

  1. It’s really great that quality bifold hangar doors are easy to maintain and are lower in cost. Personally, if I were a pilot I would like to find high-quality hangar materials because they help protect your planes. It would also be good to be cost-saving in other areas because I’ve heard that plane fuel is very expensive.

  2. My 40×12 Higher Power hangar door was much cheaper than any of the bifold doors I priced and infinitely easier to install. It’s quieter, quicker and more low maintenance (none) than all the other hangar doors in my airpark, and there’s quite a mix of those. One feature I really like is that it doesn’t take up all the headroom that bifold doors do. The key fob remotes work from 50 yards away right through my metal sheathed building, without an external antenna. My contractors were very impressed, and now they’re using them on other buildings. Several of my neighbors are jealous, and the guy next door just put an HP door in his new hangar. I couldn’t be happier.


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