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DEAR POLE BARN GURU: Planning on building a 24′ x 48′ structure in central southern Pennsylvania What type of foundation would be required? MIKE IN ERIE

DEAR MIKE: Thank you very much for your question.  Here is some background from the Hansen Buildings Learning Center:

Pole Building Foundations


The most practical and cost effective solution will be properly pressure preservative treated columns (, which are embedded in the ground. The size of the column, as well as depth and diameter of the holes and amount of concrete required in the holes should be properly determined by the engineer of record who will be designing your building as well as placing his engineer’s seal on the plans.

The holes should probably be at least 40 inches deep, more if you have deeper soil frost conditions at your site. Buildings which are very tall, or in higher wind areas, or more critical wind exposure ( may require deeper holes.

Hole diameter is going to be a function of the weight of the building (including design snow loads), the spacing of the columns along the sidewall, and the soil bearing capacity at the site. Plan on auguring holes a minimum of 18 inches in diameter.

For more reading on this subject:

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I am looking at purchasing one of your pole barns but I am curious of the interior. I assume they are an unfished interior without insulation and walls. Also, it probably does not include electrical either. Is this correct? JEREMY

DEAR JEREMY: Our specialty is providing the structural design and materials – basically what holds everything up. We can provide both interior non-structural walls as well as fiberglass batt insulation, however we rarely do so due to challenges with clients being able to adequately store and protect those materials until it is time for their use. We do not ever include electrical, plumbing or HVAC.

DEAR POLE BARN GURU: I need 2 sets of 24′ long top Hanger door rail  or 4 at 12′ wide and wheels or sliding guides so I can hang (4)12′ wide 8’6″ tall Metal sliding doors custom made out of 1 1/2″ square tubing and 26ga panels. Let me know cost and shipping. MIKE IN ZELLWOOD

DEAR MIKE: Although these are items were provide every day with our complete post frame building kit packages, it really is not cost effective for us to ship these to you by themselves. I’d recommend checking with a Pro Associate at your local The Home Depot®, as they should be able to bring them into the store freight free.

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